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What is Adplexity?

Adplexity is one in all the powerful affiliate spy tools. It’s a whole game changer for intelligence tools. It provides market watching services for automaton applications, mobile web, pop-ups and wireless fidelity and carrier traffic redirects. It helps you discover trends, high publishers, networks and profitable promotions. The product permits users to observe quite a hundred and twenty carrier campaigns. The tool didn’t use a technique almost like title informatics spoofing.

Adplexity product

There is a standard idea that Adplexity could be a single service that works for everything, however there are literally seven dedicated Adplexity tools. every ad trailing tool serves a separate client base. They are:

  • Adplexity Desktop
  • Adplexity Mobile
  • Adplexity native
  • Push Adplexity
  • Adplexity eCommerce
  • Carriers of Adplexity
  • Adplexity Adult

Choosing the proper tools depends on your cause goals. Most of the variations between these products rely on the traffic supply.

Adplexity Desktop


With AdPlusity Desktop, you’ll get outstanding desktop ad promotions from quite seventy five countries. you’ll use filters like keywords, advertisers, publishers, and licensed selling networks to refine your search results.

Affiliate marketers notice this tool very helpful for spying on alternative profitable campaigns that concentrate on specific profit selling niches.

Adplexity can solely convert your approved selling technique and assist you increase your conversion rate by providing you with the chance to spy on thriving affiliate network promotions for desktop-based traffic sources.

Adplexity Mobile

Illness for mobile permits you to trace the foremost profitable mobile promotions. You’ll be ready to perceive the secrets to the success of alternative for-profit campaigns, creating it easier for you to make a promising effort and encourage your ROI. you’ll even transfer the landing pages you’re most curious about. a number of the insights that Applexi Mobile can provide you with are:

Advertising trends. Advertising trends can tell you that the campaign is running on certain days of the week and the way it is running. characteristic the Day of Best Performance permits you to time your advertising campaigns additional strategically.

Targeted devices and browsers. This feature permits you to check precisely what platform the campaign is running well. Not solely this, with the assistance of Chrome, Edge, expedition or Firefox you’ll notice the most effective browser for promotion.

Publishers. This feature permits you to apprehend that the publisher is obtaining the lion’s share of traffic.

Adplexity native

The difficulty with native ads makes it straightforward for you to trace outstanding campaigns that believe native traffic sources in additional than thirty two countries.

Some of the ad traffic sources that Native helps you uncover embody RevContent, MGID, Tabula, Adeblade, OutBrain, Yahoo Gemini and Content.ed. you’ll filter results per platforms together with MS Windows, iOS, automaton and tablets.

Like alternative Adplexity products, Adplexity Native permits you to transfer landing pages within the format you set, like pictures, JavaScript and CSS.

Push Adplexity

Adplexity Push permits you to target the most effective on-line promotions reckoning on the traffic supply. you will be ready to get insights on push promotion on each desktop and mobile from quite seventy two countries. a number of the push network information that the applications programme shows you embody propellor Ads, Leocash, MGID, Datapush and Evadav.

The insights you get area unit supported ad trends, SEO, direct chains, outgoing URLs, and high publishers. you’ll additionally transfer landing pages.

Adplexity eCommerce

Running a web store? Then you ought to attempt Adplexity eCommerce. This tool makes it straightforward to trace the foremost thriving e-commerce merchandise and stores with the chance to vie for similar merchandise.

The data you receive relies on the amount of tourists and patrons for every product or store. It’s growing info permits you to open quite ten,000 e-commerce stores and determine their most thriving merchandise additionally to the Adplexity they use.

Carriers of Adplexity

As the name implies, ad-hoc carriers were created to trace current on-line promotions from specific carriers to mobile traffic. You see quite eighty mobile carriers and plenty of promotions from thirty countries. in addition, you’ll simply determine exclusive offers for specific offers.

Adplexity Adult


Adplexity Adult style is intended for people who have to be compelled to target profitable on-line campaigns that believe adult traffic sources so you’ll design your own thriving promotions. you’ll get insights for any adult cause, even hidden ones that get traffic from sure carriers. processing results by keywords, publishers, and licensed selling networks can permit you to induce the most effective results doable.

How will Adplexity work?

Before nice services like Adplexity spy tools came to life, the method of choosing a banner or landing page for your promoting promotion was quite time intense.

Aside from adplexity, you’ll have haphazardly visited dozens of internet sites and analyzed them to visualize if they were acting well. you’ll be able to get some helpful insights, however they will not be enough for you to run bombing campaigns.

Considering the reason behind uncertainty, you may not be ready to produce a property movement which will get traffic and benefit from top quality sources.

In the past, once you outlined segments and traffic sources, all you had to try to do was use obvious banners or landing pages. Typically, you are doing one thing like this:

Identify websites
Use a VPN tool to alter your location in keeping with your target class
Get another device that appears like you are employing a smartphone
Constantly refresh the page to induce as several concepts as doable
Take a screenshot when you refresh
Create your own concepts once analyzing the creatives you have got collected
Do these steps once more for different websites within the same targeted section
Quite a headache, isn’t it? Well, luckily, we have a tendency to currently have the app that produces this unit easier, quicker and more practical.

Features of pertinence
There are units of a number of belongings you ought to arrange in your head to use the AdPlexity ad spy tool to its full potential. The primary factor you wish to try to do is analyze the competition. There are many ways in which you’ll be able to do that, however it always starts with keyword analysis. Then, you’ll be able to expand your investigator by adman, publisher or location.

Research by adman or product permits you to induce ads associated with that product rather than the correct keywords. you’ll be able to even explore for a particular adman and perceive what works for them.

In addition, search by publisher allows you to analyze ads on a particular web site from that you’ll be able to take a number of hints. The Adplexity Spy Tool allows you to explore for ads which will be found on an internet site, banners, redirects, pop-ups, page breaks, mobile net ads, pop-under ads, and site ads in app ads.

Extensive coverage. The scope of adplexity extends to quite zero countries, together with each high and low competitive country.

Multiple platforms. The tool permits you to manage your analytics across a variety of platforms, together with Windows, Mac, iPhone and automaton phones.

Dozens of career hassles create it straightforward for you to find promotions that focus on traffic from a particular mobile carrier. There area unit a complete of a hundred and twenty careers from every part of the planet you’ll be able to analyze.

Approved promoting. The tool permits you to spot product promotional ads from licensed agencies on quite one hundred approved promoting networks that enable you to duplicate and improve what works for your competitors.

Pop-ups and redirects. The tool allows you to track promotions that have faith in pop-ups, outgoing links, and redirects.

Landing page transfer. you’ll be able to transfer any landing page directly from the web site.
Adplexity Pro and Cons

Search by keyword, publisher, advertiser, authorized network
Looks for ads that promote approved offers
Reveals profitable promotions
Tailors are made of six different tools to suit the needs of different businesses
Download landing pages with its dependencies
Find successful promotions in seconds
See campaigns in more than 60 countries
Provides information on more than 100 authorized networks and millions of products
Promotes authorized links and ads
The best advertising spy tool for laptops, mobiles and desktops
Searches data on many stores and products
Fast download speed
Supports browsers like Windows, Safari and Google Chrome
Suitable for digital marketers, advertisers, affiliates and publishers
Tracks competitors’ ad promotion data on desktop, mobile, native, ecommerce and adult traffic sites


Steep learning curve
Beginner is not friendly
Need to improve customer support

Pricing Plan or Package
Each module listed on top of is sold-out singly during this Adplexity review and has its own value. These area unit mentioned below:

Native / Push / Carrier: $ 149.00 / month.
Mobile / Desktop / E-Commerce: $ 199.00 / month.

Have I seen a low cost tool?

For me in person, it’s most likely a bit expensive, then once more again providing options therefore it’s Adplexity group buy.


Adplexity could be a nice plugin with fancy and trendy options. it’s a number one supplier of comprehensive advanced services for each publisher and on-line advertisers. This tool helps users discover profitable promotions, trends, high publishers and networks. it’s a straightforward to use interface which will assist you realize booming promotions compared to similar products. The tool provides a whole insight into what’s operating for your competitors. 

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